About Us

Jiaxing SUNFAST Metal Co., Ltd. is a professional hardware fastener exporter.
The company is located in Fengqiao Town, South Lake District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province.
We produce THREADED ROD. And The main business products are U-type bolts, Anchor bolts, Threaded rod, Short length Bar, Nuts, Dry wall Screw and so on.


Company history:

1) Our factory's predecessor was the production of moulds (15 years'experience).
(The die of the threaded rod is made in the tool room of SUNFAST)
the mold used by other factories in zhejiang field is also purchased from our factory.
2) Professional production of threaded rods for 11 years.
(The mould is very important to the production of the threaded rod, so we can control the quality of the product and increase the stability of the product. )



Equipment list:

Equipment name: Number:
Wire drawing machine 4
Thread roller (Rolling equipment ) 39
Straightening and cutting machine 6
Mold opening machine 3




"Integrity" is our main advantage. Our company in a socially responsible attitude to produce and sell fasteners to ensure that all products meet the standards and meet the building quality requirements.
Efficiency is our second advantage. We have always followed the principle of half-step faster than others. Order on time, delivery on time, payment on time. Our company has excellent sales team and documentation department, the whole ERP tracking, to ensure the accuracy of the order quantity. All issues are resolved before shipment, so that customers have no worries.
Adhere to the concept of "win-win cooperation" is our third advantage. With years of experience in the fastener field, our friends and partners can wisely judge prices, raw material trends and market demand.